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Writting project

Hello, my name is Alicia and I was born in Ibiza 35 years ago. My parents are from Ibiza to. My family is very big, I have two brothers, seven sisters and more nephews. My eldest nephew is 32 years old and the youngest is four months old, but next January I am going to have a new one, another boy, and with this I am going to have 18 nephews and nieces¡
I lived in Sant Jordi until 2001, when I bought a flat with my boyfriend in Ibiza town.
I studied in different schools (Virgen de las Nieves, La Consolación and secondary school Sa Blanca Dona), but I only finished compulsory studies. When I drop out of collage I started to work in different jobs, but in 2000 my life took a turn I started to work in a swimmignpool I’m a swimming instructor.
When I started working with children, I discovered the marvellous world of childhood and as the years went by I need a change. In 2005 I decided to start my studies again, firstly I had to pass an exam for people older than 25 years old, and in September of 2006 I started my degree. I’m training to be a teacher and I will have finished my degree in February 2010. After that I will be a teacher in a primary school.
I like reading a lot but these last years I don’t have time to read more books, only when I’m on holiday or at Christmas and Easter.
I like travelling with my boyfriend, and our last trip was this September, we went to Marrakech. We could see a different country, with different customs, but the city was magic for me, its streets, its people, its colours, its smells. Everything was different. We stayed for four days and it’s possible that we will came back to Marrackech.

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Page for learning

This is an interesting page for learning vocabulary and pronunciation

Diccionario Infantil Multimedia

New tecnology

Reported speech

A very interesting video which explains reported speech

Present simple changes to past simple
They live in Russia --- He told me they lived in Russia

Present continuous changes to past continuous
They are living in Russia --- He told me they were living in Russia

Past simple changes to past perfect
They lived in Russia --- He told me they had lived in Russia

Past continuous changes to past perfect continuous
They were living in Russia --- He told me they had been living in Russia

Will changes to Would
They will live in Russia --- He told me they would live in Russia

Can changes to could
They can live in Russia --- He told me they could live in Russia

If I had a Million Dolars

Conditional type 3

  • If I had bought a car, I would not have gone by taxi
  • If I had not losted my keys, the thieves would not have got into my house

conditional type 2

  • If I had a castle, I would have a ghost
  • If I had a ghost, I would scare the visitors

Conditional type 1

  • If you do your homework, you will learn this lesson easily
  • If you learn this lesson, you will pass the exam


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domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2008

More Modal Verbs

Can I open the door?
Could they make cake?

Speculation, deduction and probability
Sonia may be at home, or perhaps at work.
John might be on the bus, his car is having problems-

Modal verbs

Obligation Must-Have to
You must pass your exam = You have to be pass your exam
I will have to wear a crash helmet to drive a motorcycle.

No obligation
Helen didn't need to work every day.

I need to study very hard to pass my exams.

In spain you mustn't drive on the left.

You work very hard. you should rest more.
Today is my mother birthday, I had better buy a present.

Ability and knowledge
Mary can speak italian.
She could drive three years ago

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-ED and -ING

These pages are interesting for practise with adjectives end in -ed and -ing.

Singular and plural

We use a plural noum for different things, like trousers, pyjamas, glasses, binoculars, scissors.
I left my pyjamas in Ibiza.
My sun glasses are broken.
My news trousers are reds.
Diferents noums haven diferents words for singular and plural. Foot-feet, tooth-teeth, man-men, woman-women, child-children, person-people.
The children go to school every day.
This child has blue eyes.
Many people go to work by bus.

Countables and uncountables

Countable noums can be singular and plural, and can use numbers.
Uncountable noums have only one form, and cannot use numbers.

I have seven sisters.
My mother has a cat and two dogs.
I read a paper every day.

She likes rice.
They drink a lot of coffee.
I bought paper to write a letter.

-ED and -ING

-ing adjectives are used to describe things, describes the feeling that something or somebody gives.
-ed adjectives are used to describe our feelings, describes the feeling of something or someone.

I am bored, the book is very boring.
The documentary is interesting.
Are you interested in the documentary?
I am satisfed with my new school.

sábado, 25 de octubre de 2008


Shall I close the windows?
Shall we go to the theatre?
Shall we buy a new TV?

Future with Be goig to

I am going to go to Extremadura on holidays.

Will have done

The 8th of December my trip to Madrid will have finished.
I will have done the "practicum" by the end of January.

Will be doig

Tomorrow at this time I will be sleeping.
In two years I will be working in a school.

Future with Present Simple

My flightt to Madrid leaves at 9 o'clock and arrives at Barajas aeroport at ten to ten. The show starts at half past six in the afternoon.

Future with Goig to

I am going to Madrid on 6th December. I am going to see the Cirque du Soleil.

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008


In five years I will be 40 years old.
Tonight I am going to a party, I will buy a new dress. - She said.

sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Past simple


Cinderella lived in a small village in the north of England. She had two sisters; they were very ugly. She got up every morning at six o'clock, then she made breakfast for her sisters, and afterwards she cleaned the house. She worked all day. Her two ugly sisters were very lazy; they never did any work because Cinderella did everything. Cinderella was very unhappy.
One day, the postman came to the house. He gave Cinderella's sister an envelope . In the envelope there were three invitations to a party at the Prince's house. She said to her sisters, "Fantastic! There is a party at the Prince's house. I can wear my new red dress and Esmerelda can wear her new blue dress, but Cinderella can't go because her dress is old and dirty and she hasn't got any shoes."
On Saturday at 8 o'clock, the ugly sisters went to the party. Cinderella sat in the kitchen. She was very sad. There was a ring at the door. Cinderella opened the door. There was a woman. She said, "Hello! I am your Fairy Godmother. Why are you sad?" Cinderella said, "I want to go to the party but I haven't got any beautiful clothes." The Fairy Godmother said, "No problem, here is a new dress and some glass shoes. There is a golden bicycle in the street. Now you can go to the party, but you must return before 12 o'clock." Cinderella said, "Thank you." She put on the glass shoes and the red dress. She looked very pretty. Then she went to the party by bicycle.

The party was very good. At first, Cinderella was very shy but after an hour, the Prince asked Cinderella to dance. They danced for a long time. The Prince said to Cinderella, "I like your dress and you are very pretty." Cinderella was very happy. She forgot what time it was. Suddenly the clock rang. Cinderella said, "Oh no! I must go. It is 12 o'clock." She ran home, at the door of the Prince's house she lost her shoe.
The next day, the Prince was very sad because he was in love with Cinderella but he didn't know where she lived. He went to all the houses in the village and said, "Do you know whose shoe this is?" Finally, he went to Cinderella's house. Cinderella opened the door. The Prince said, "I love you. Do you want to marry me?" Cinderella said, "Yes." The wedding was the week after. Cinderella and the Prince were never unhappy again.


Past perfect continuos

Fred had been painting the ciling in his room dark blue, his hair had dark blue stains in it

Since and For

I've been working in a swimming pool for eigth years
I've been working in a swimming pool since 2000

Present continus

I'm writting some sentences about present and pas.
We are going for paper

Present simple

She is a very good veterinary
I work in a swimming pool, I'm swimmer's instructor

Present perfect

Samuel has been to Zaragoza many times. His brother lives in this city.

Past continuos

I was having a shower when my sister Fani arrived
The birds were singing in the trees

Past simple

I washed my car yesterday
My mother made bread for all of her daughters
Sally bought a newspaper and a pencil in the bookshop