jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

Pirate's Treasure

Relatives clauses

The man who I met last week is Toni's brother
The dog which Sam has is a Yorkshire Terrier
This is the man whose father won a car


The dinner has been coocked by my mummy
The CD is bought in a music store
The letter which I received was written by my sister
The bank was held up by the thieves
The thieves have been arrested by the police

domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

Writting project

Hello, my name is Alicia and I was born in Ibiza 35 years ago. My parents are from Ibiza to. My family is very big, I have two brothers, seven sisters and more nephews. My eldest nephew is 32 years old and the youngest is four months old, but next January I am going to have a new one, another boy, and with this I am going to have 18 nephews and nieces¡
I lived in Sant Jordi until 2001, when I bought a flat with my boyfriend in Ibiza town.
I studied in different schools (Virgen de las Nieves, La Consolación and secondary school Sa Blanca Dona), but I only finished compulsory studies. When I drop out of collage I started to work in different jobs, but in 2000 my life took a turn I started to work in a swimmignpool I’m a swimming instructor.
When I started working with children, I discovered the marvellous world of childhood and as the years went by I need a change. In 2005 I decided to start my studies again, firstly I had to pass an exam for people older than 25 years old, and in September of 2006 I started my degree. I’m training to be a teacher and I will have finished my degree in February 2010. After that I will be a teacher in a primary school.
I like reading a lot but these last years I don’t have time to read more books, only when I’m on holiday or at Christmas and Easter.
I like travelling with my boyfriend, and our last trip was this September, we went to Marrakech. We could see a different country, with different customs, but the city was magic for me, its streets, its people, its colours, its smells. Everything was different. We stayed for four days and it’s possible that we will came back to Marrackech.

sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2008

Page for learning

This is an interesting page for learning vocabulary and pronunciation

Diccionario Infantil Multimedia


New tecnology

Reported speech

A very interesting video which explains reported speech

Present simple changes to past simple
They live in Russia --- He told me they lived in Russia

Present continuous changes to past continuous
They are living in Russia --- He told me they were living in Russia

Past simple changes to past perfect
They lived in Russia --- He told me they had lived in Russia

Past continuous changes to past perfect continuous
They were living in Russia --- He told me they had been living in Russia

Will changes to Would
They will live in Russia --- He told me they would live in Russia

Can changes to could
They can live in Russia --- He told me they could live in Russia